What We Offer
The following is a sampling of the various group activities we offer.
Book Clubs
If you love to read, join one of these groups. Currently, there is a daytime book club and an evening book club. Each month we read and discuss a book selected by the members of the book club.
Bridge Group
The Bridge Group meets on the 1st Thursday of the month from 1 to 4 pm, rotating each month at a different member's home.
We meet at a member’s home the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 1 pm to play Bunco.
Coffee & Conversation
This is exactly what it sounds like - coffee and conversation. Meet at a member's home for great coffee and even better conversation. This is a great way to meet fellow Newcomers and make new friends!
Couples and Singles Night Out
Couples and Singles Night Out is held on the last Saturday of the month at a local restaurant.   The couple can be any two people, so bring your guy or your best friend.  Register online to reserve your spot.  Tables will be of 6 to 8 so you can get to know each other. Unless we have a special event that is prepaid, each couple will receive their own check for dinner.
Everyday Philosophers
Do you ever think about what happiness really is and how we obtain it? If we change over time, what defines us as individuals? If so, then this group might be of interest to you. Its purpose is to discuss philosophical topics of interest that the members suggest. These topics will likely be more concrete and related to everyday life, rather than those typically found in an academic course.
Get Acquainted
Enjoy an evening in the casual setting of a volunteer hostess's home. Mix, mingle and make new friends while sampling appetizers and desserts brought by the guests. Both couples and singles are welcome. Just bring an appetizer or dessert for 12 people and a beverage for your own consumption.
Girls Night Out
This activity offers yet another excuse to get out on the town with the girls. Every month a different restaurant is picked and we meet for dinner and conversation. This is a great way to get to know some of the restaurants in Naples and also a great venue to meet new ladies.
Lunch at My House
Lunch At My House meets every other month for lunch at members' homes in groups of 6 to 8.  The groups are shuffled each time so you will get to quickly expand your circle of friends. A Lunch at My House hostess is expected to prepare a lunch entrée and dessert for 6-8 persons once per year.
The Mahjongg group meets at a members's home the second Tuesday of each month for Mahjongg.
South Singles
The purpose of this group is to provide varied opportunities for single women to develop friendships with women of similar life experiences. Its philosophy is to be an “inclusive” group enjoying “fun times” together.
Zip Code Groups
Get together with members who live in the same zip code for a coffee at a local café, a walk on the beach or park, or lunch at a new restaurant.  It's up to you! The groups are informal and they are managed within each group.